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Terms & Conditions

The page is made to protect our rights and to develop happy customer relationships. It is made to let you know that all the data or site information of pdfchamp.com is not permitted to be shared and copied until our permission. Visiting our site and shopping from us are indicating that you are following our terms and conditions.

What is under our copyright?

It is our site content. We declare that content displaying in the site is our property. It is modified or changed by us. No third party has the authority to make any modification to the content and copy it. We are strict and don't hesitate to take legal action against whom who have violated our copyright rules.

How Do You Connect with Us?

Under our terms & conditions, we want to assure our clients and prospective clients to connect with us through e-communication. Online is the best and the fastest medium to create contact with us. Email us or chat us!

Order a program of us and make payment online! We will send you a confirmation mail for receiving your payment and send you the program code to install the full version. It is a simple and successful method to make shopping from pdfchamp.com.