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Refund Policy

Our refund policy is made to maintain 100% client satisfaction. We have kept the policy simple and easy to understand.

The policy is applicable for our buyers who want to return the purchased item from us in the given time. There are some rules that they need to follow.

Rules to Return

We accept their return when the purchased software is not in full version. We are ready to accept the return when the purchased application is not similar to its trial version. You have returned the application within 30 days. In case our technical team is not guiding you properly, you can claim for return.

Return Policy is not Valid:

Our refund policy is not made for clients who want to return the product after the given time period. They don't pay heed to our technical assistance during installation process.

Your Responsibilities:

It is your responsibility to carefully make shopping. We are not responsible if you have made wrong shopping (bought wrong products). Check your email client because we don't take the responsibility if the product License Key email is gone to the spam box (You can contact us for New License Key, our technical department will provide your license key). Make sure to install the application before its bounced date. Take care of the application. Make sure that you have all necessary tools required to run the purchased application.

To avoid or minimize issues related to the return policy, we recommend you to first try the trial version of any software you want to buy from us.